Tamiya TT-02BR Racing Off-Road 4WD RC Car # 58717

田宮模型宣布為其廣受歡迎的 TT-02B 越野車底盤的推出新的專用版本~~ TT02BR。 TT-02BR 版本包括了通常要另購的改裝零件,以確保一系列設置調整併提供高性能的越野遙控車體驗。這是來自田宮的 1/10 比例 RC 底盤組裝套件

Tamiya is pleased to announce a new dedicated version of its popular TT-02B buggy chassis. The TT-02BR version includes an exclusive selection of Options normally sold separately to secure a series of set-up adjustments and provide a high-performance off-road experience. This is a 1/10 scale RC chassis assembly kit from Tamiya

Tamiya TT02BR Chassis Features

• The transmission uses the oil bath gear differential to be able to adjust the traction simply by using different viscosities of oils.
• New front and rear shock mounts offer more oil filled shock and upper link configuration options.
• The use of front and rear homokinetics ensures stable transmission regardless of suspension travel.
• The central axle and joints have plastic parts to limit wear on the joint.
• Includes two rear wings: a standard Neo Scorcher kit (clear) and the TRF201 part no. 54211 wing. The TRF201 wing includes two large design wings to adjust downforce to track surface conditions and are included also wing holder spacers to adjust the rear wing angle.
• The upper adjustable arms are longer than 4 ~ 6mm and help prevent deformation of the plastic adjustment sections and ensure improved suspension movement.
• The connection of the steering with flanged tubes is characterized by a longer life thanks to the fixing with hexagonal head screws and lock nuts compared to the fixing with 3 × 18 stepped screws.
• Features ball bearings.
• Comes with a dedicated carrying case for the TT-02BR chassis.
• Includes Neo Scorcher bodywork (clear). * Please note that Neo Scorcher stickers are not included.
• Motor and RC Radio system are sold separately.

The kit includes as standard

– Aluminum transmission shaft (new code).
– Carbon shock absorber supports (new code).
– XV-02 / TT-02 Differential with oil bath gears (code TO22049).
– Couplings for aluminum transmission shaft TT-02 (code TO54501).
– Pinion 17T module 06 in hardened aluminum (code TO54768).
– TT-02B / DF-03 aluminum shock absorber set (code TO54993).
– Aluminum rear hubs (code TO53793).
– TT-02B Complete set of adjustable upper arms TO54539).
– DF-02 Constant velocity joints (code TO53791).
– Oversized front rims, 62/25 (code TO53880).
– Oversized rear rims, 62/35 (code TO53881).
– TRF201 rear wing set (code TO54211).
– TT-02B Lower arms and reinforced gear covers 2pcs (code TO54815).
– TT-02 Reinforced lower frame black color (code 54926)

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