Tamiya Plamodel Factory Tokyo
Tamiya’s New Flagship Store in Japan|Opening on May 24, 2024

Tamiya's flagship store "Tamiya Plastic Model Factory Shimbashi Store" will relocate to the new Shintora Yasuda Building, conveniently located across the street from the previous store’s site. It will be renamed "Tamiya Plamodel Factory Tokyo" and given a new look.

With its concept of “Tamiya’s NOW, all under one roof,” Tamiya Plamodel Factory Tokyo will be the place to see the latest plastic and R/C models, Mini 4WD and construction series kits; a venue that offers enriching hands-on “monozukuri” (the joy of making something with your hands) experiences, and a hub that broadcasts modelling culture to the world - truly a flagship facility that can be enjoyed not only by existing Tamiya fans but also their families and friends and other newcomers to the brand.

■ Store Overview

Address: 6 Toyokaiji Building, 4-7-2 Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0004
Operating hours: 12:00 ~ 21:00 [weekday];10:00 ~ 19:00 [weekends and holidays]
Grand Opening: May 24, 2024 (Friday)
Building area: about 483㎡

■ Modern yet nostalgic shop floor

Around 6,000 Tamiya products will be on offer in-store. The 4-meter high, 100-meter long product shelves are at once modern yet reminiscent of a classic model shop, and promise the visitor a warm, comfortable experience browsing in model heaven.

■ 1/1 Scale Mini 4WD Aero Avante on display

The 4.6-meter long, 2.8-meter wide 1/1 scale Aero Avante will be prominently on display at the entrance.

■ Events in the Modelers Square

From plastic model exhibitions to events for their moving Mini 4WD and R/C counterparts, modelling workshops, seminars and talk shows, visitors will find plenty of events.

■ In-store café

Perfect for a quick break or as a place to meet up, the in-store café space will sell coffee from the trendy Onibus Coffee store, as well as soft drinks.

■ Commemorative opening exhibition & Tamiya Showcase

On the in-store Gallery Wall, visitors will find a special exhibition on Tamiya’s history, while the Tamiya Showcase will display Tamiya products fresh from the Shizuoka Hobby Show (May 8th to May 12th).

Concept Photos of Tamiya Plamodel Factory Tokyo

What is the difference between the new store and the old store? Some pictures have been released on Tamiya’s official website for your reference! Do you want to visit to experience the new appeal of the Tamiya model flagship store with a new image?

Tamiya Plamodel Factory Tokyo, Shop Photos 

The Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi store will be closed 

Tamiya's new flagship store "TAMIYA PLAMODEL FACTORY TOKYO", which conveys model culture, will have a grand opening in the Shimbashi/Toranomon area on Friday, May 24, 2024! And the old store where Tamiya fans often check in will be closed. The location of the new store is very close to the location of the old store. You can refer to the map below.

In preparation for moving to a new location across the street from the current location, the Tamiya Plamodel Factory – Shimbashi store will close at the end of May 6, 2024. Please note that from Tuesday, May 7 through Thursday, May 23 the store will not be open.

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