Tamiya Hotshot II Blockhead Motors 4WD # 58710

Tamiya 與 Jun Watanabe Blockhead Motor 合作,即將推出全新的改良版 Hotshot II 經典越野遙控模型車。在 1987 年發布的 58062 1/10 RC Hotshot II 的基礎上,該模型進行了修改,以實現與 58695 “1/10 RC Wild One Off-Road Blockhead Motors”模型相似的新外觀。

一組專用於車輛的貼紙賦予了它新的外觀。Jun Watanabe 設計了一系列 80年代田宮越野車模型的貼紙、服裝和定制,還出品了時尚服飾、音樂和滑板項目的設計,以擴大 RC 汽車的視野。

In collaboration with Jun Watanabe Blockhead motors, Tamiya is proud to present a new Hotshot II model that has been revamped in collaboration with Blockhead Motors!  Based on the 58062 1/10 RC Hotshot II model released in 1987, the model has been revised to achieve a new look similar to that of the 58695 “1/10 RC Wild One Off-Road Blockhead Motors” model.

A set of stickers dedicated to the vehicle have given it a new livery. Jun Watanabe group deals with stickers, clothing, and customizations of Tamiya buggy models from the 80s, also taking part in the design of fashion, music, and skateboard projects to expand the horizons of RC cars.

Model Features

• This is a 1/10 scale R/C mounting kit. Length: 390mm, width: 235mm, height: 150mm.
• Polycarbonate body (0.7 mm thick) of the Hotshot II is pre-cut and pre-painted in bright blue.
• The new roll bar is positioned higher to ensure a raised pilot position for greater realism. To achieve this, the upper frame is also updated.
• Uprights and wheels are plated in matte metal.
• Includes new sticker set designed by Jun Watanabe’s brand “BLOCKHEAD MOTORS”.
• Also included are number plates, light holders, side plates, window grilles and a dummy antenna.
• The 4-wheel double wishbone suspension uses transverse oil shock absorbers on the front axle and double shock absorbers on the rear axle.
• Includes 540 motor
• R/C system sold separately.

Coming Soon! タミヤ初のシャフトドライブ4WDレーシングバギーとして憧れを集めた「ホットショット」の改良版として1987年に初登場したホットショットⅡを、グラフィックデザイナーのJUN WATANABE氏がカスタマイズしたモデルです。

即將推出!這是田宮當年第一款軸驅動 4WD Buggy Hot Shot。日本平面設計師 JUN WATANABE 定制了 Hotshot II,它是1987 年首次亮相 Hotshot 的改進版本。

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