ROAR 2024年遙控車賽事日期及地點

【2023.11.19】ROAR 公佈了 2024年的賽程表,有興趣參與嘅師兄應該有充足時間準備喇!未知 ROAR 係咩嘅師兄可以在本頁底睇睇。

ROAR Racing Announcement:

//We are happy to announce the 2024 ROAR National track locations and dates. We thank everyone for their interest and partnership to provide quality facilities for our members to showcase their talents and hard work. //

  • 10th scale Carpet On Road Championship at 997 RC Raceway on March 7th-10th
  • 10th scale Dirt Off Road Championships at Beach RC & Hobbies April 17th-21st
  • 1/8 Fuel Off Road Championships at HRCR June 19th-23rd
  • 1/8 Electric Off Road Championships at GSRC August 29th-September 1st
  • 1/10 Carpet Off Road Championship at Coastal RC. Indoor Speedway and Hobbies August 15th-18th


ROAR(Remotely Operated Auto Racers)是一家全國性非營利組織,旨在推廣無線電控制模型賽車運動。 ROAR 最初組織於 1967 年,隨著這項運動的發展而穩步發展和發展。

ROAR 由美國和加拿大的 12 個地區組成。每個區域都有一名主任,由該區域的成員提名和選舉。這為成員提供了可以直接就本地區和 ROAR 內的問題進行溝通的人。每個區域總監在這個網站上都有一個專欄,他可以在其中與區域內的成員進行交流,並向所有ROAR成員提供區域活動的資訊。ROAR 網站 上的特定頁面專門提供地區新聞和預定比賽。

ROAR 的管理機構是執行委員會。該委員會由一名當選主席和副主席以及五名任命成員組成。此外,兩位分會主席以無投票權成員身分加入執行委員會,並組織賽車手顧問小組,提出建議並與團隊其他成員溝通。執行委員會控制和管理ROAR的業務事務,並確保規則是最新的。公司的日常業務由 ROAR 管理員處理,他是執行委員會的無投票權成員。

39 年來,ROAR 規則一直是遙控賽車比賽的準則。它們旨在促進公平競爭、安全,並定義哪些設備可以在 ROAR 比賽中使用。 ROAR 不管理國家級別(5 級)以下的比賽,但它批准從俱樂部級別到多地區錦標賽的比賽。所有目前且信譽良好的 ROAR 會員都有資格參加這些比賽。

ROAR 是國際模型賽車聯合會 (IFMAR) 的北美代表。因此,ROAR 是唯一有權授予車手參加 IFMAR 世界錦標賽資格並派出車手參加的組織。 ROAR 獲得世界冠軍的成員數量比其他任何組織都多。

ROAR的實力在於當地的俱樂部。每週的比賽都在這裡舉行,車手們可以完善自己的技能,並為參加州、地區和國家級別的比賽做好準備。 ROAR 在美國和加拿大擁有 200 個俱樂部。這些俱樂部每年只需支付 35 美元即可獲得制裁,並享受會員意外和責任保險。

About ROAR

ROAR (Remotely Operated Auto Racers) is the National non-profit corporation organized to promote the sport of radio controlled model car racing. ROAR was originally organized in 1967, and has steadily grown and evolved as the sport has grown.

ROAR is made up of 12 Regions in the United States plus Canada. Each Region has a Director nominated and elected by the members in the Region. This gives the members someone they can communicate with directly regarding issues in the Region, and within ROAR. Each Region Director has a column on this website, in which he is able to communicate with the members in the Region, and provide information on Region activities to all the members of ROAR. Specific pages on ROAR's website  are dedicated to Regional news and scheduled races.

The governing body of ROAR is the Executive Committee. This Committee consists of an elected President and Vice President, and five appointed members. Additionally, two Section Chairpersons have joined the Executive Committee as non voting members and organize their advisory groups of racers for recommendations and communication with the other members of the team. The Executive Committee controls and manages the business affairs of ROAR, and ensures that the rules are up to date. The day to day business of the corporation is handled by the ROAR Administrator, a non-voting member of the Executive Committee.

ROAR rules have been the guidelines for R/C car racing for over 39 years. They are designed to promote fair competition, safety, and define what equipment can be used in ROAR competition. ROAR does not manage races below the National level (Level 5), but it does sanction races from the club level to Multi-Regional Championships. All ROAR members in current and good standing are eligible to enter these races.

ROAR is the North American representative to the International Federation of Model Car Racing (IFMAR). As such, ROAR is the only organization that is authorized to qualify and send drivers to the IFMAR World Championships. More ROAR members have been crowned World Champion than from any other organization.

The strength of ROAR is in the local clubs. It is here that the weekly competition takes place allowing drivers to perfect their skills, and prepare themselves to compete at the State, Region, and National level. ROAR has 200 clubs in the US and Canada. These clubs pay only $35 per year to be sanctioned, and to be covered by the member accident and liability insurance.