Nova Engines|意大利 Novarossi 前班底組成的 遙控車引擎品牌

早前 意大利遙控車引擎生產商 Novarossi 喺佢 Facebook 專頁出咗篇文章話 Novarossi 正在清盤中,文中又提及 Novarossi 品牌的故事並沒有就此結束,咁即係結束定唔結束呢?阿媽我好亂丫!

Novarossi vs Nova Engine

謎底終於解開咗,Novarossi真係結束咗。起源始於 Novarossi 老闆決定永久關閉 Engine 生產業務,這是在兩年前清盤階段開始時做出的決定。這項決定導致了所有工人的解僱、所有機器的出售以及公司的關閉。那時,一群前工人和相關人士決定啟動一個雄心勃勃且勇敢的計畫,以 Nova Engine 品牌東山再起!

Source: Nova Engines Facebook

// "Hi everyone, I am Stefano Colombini, many of you know me for having been a professional pilot for many years and above all for having collaborated for many years with the company Novarossi. A couple of years ago I joined Nova Engines with the role of administrator.

Despite ourselves, we find ourselves obliged to intervene with this post to clarify the very confused rumours that concern us and that are multiplying on the web after the announcement appeared on the Novarossi world page, in which a probable return of the Novarossi name in the world of micromotors is hypothesised.

We have already had the opportunity to explain the genesis of our company and for this I refer you to the videos also published on our website since the first months of activity ( In short, the origin starts with the decision of Novarossi's owners to permanently close the micromotor production activity, a decision made when the liquidation phase began two years ago. That decision effectively resulted in the dismissal of all workers, the sale of all machinery and the closure of the company.

At that point, a group of former workers and collaborators decided to start an ambitious and courageous project: the establishment of a new production reality in the field of micromotors and precision mechanics. It is now two years since the first steps were taken by the worker partners. They have been difficult years in which the members have invested money and time to make huge investments in machinery and equipment and to develop new engines in the different displacements and categories. The project would not have been possible if we had not had the support of the Ministerial Funds that believed in us and our initiative.

We have had ups and downs, as is only right in start-up business projects, but today we have reached a very important point of arrival, thanks to a range of excellent products that allow us to reap the fruits of hard work and the approval of many enthusiasts.

Our initiative has never had the ambition of repeating the Novarossi experience. This is coming from a person who worked for many years for that company: Novarossi is a simply extraordinary and unrepeatable experience. Novarossi is a company that has innovated and developed the micromotor market without any precedent in the world. It is not possible to recreate an initiative like the one that took place in the past, simply because the people who started it and nurtured it are no longer there.

It would be presumptuous of us to imagine that we can only approach that kind of entrepreneurial experience. Our desire is much simpler: we have created a non-profit cooperative company that brings with it the experience of the workers gained at Novarossi and the passion in the world of model car racing. Through this operation today we have safeguarded and saved a dozen jobs and we count on growing further, that is our main goal. We therefore ask you first of all to show respect for the effort we have made and still have to make and to judge us only by the quality of our work.

I hope I have made our position clear and I look forward to seeing you on the track with our engines. May they bring you much satisfaction and, above all, may they make you have fun!!! See you soon".//

About Nova Engine

Nova Engines is a production and labor cooperative whose founding purpose is to provide job opportunities and employment for its members. The activity is conducted in the precision mechanics sector and more specifically in the market for the production of competition microengines. The basic philosophy that characterizes Nova Engines’ organizational and production processes are the continuous improvement of the product, it’s technological innovation and maximum customer satisfaction.

All this is achieved through compliance with market rules, competitors, sustainability and environmental protection.The human and working conditions of the partners and all operators involved in the production processes are of absolute respect, convinced that the growth of the company and the product can only be achieved through the active involvement of the workforce.


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