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將 Kyosho Mini-Z AWD 改裝成 Mini-Z Drift 飄移遙控車計劃

曾任職於Kyosho京商的 Ishikawa Hiroyoshi 先生離開Kyosho後進行創業,並成立了 Enjoy smile Co.公司,繼續以Mini-Z迷你遙控車產品為藍本,Ishikawa 認為 Mini-Z AWD車型能夠漂移,那麽將 Mini 4WD 改裝成流行的2WD Mini-Z也能漂移嗎? Ishikawa 正在開發 2WD Mini-Z 的漂移轉換套件。

Ishikawa Hiroyoshi

// 我想嘗試小型高性能無線電遙控 KYOSHO MINI-Z 的漂流!AWD可以漂移,但現在流行的2WD漂移用MINI-Z可以嗎? 考慮到這一點,我們正在開發 MINI-Z 漂移轉換套件。雖然開發過程很艱難,但這是一個關於享受過程本身的成年人的有趣故事。讓我們與朋友一起微笑,實現我們的夢想!//

// 小型高性能ラジコン KYOSHOミニッツでドリフトをやりたい! AWDではドリフトはできるがいま流行りの2駆ドリフトをミニッツでも出来ないか そんな想いからミニッツのドリフトコンバージョンキットを開発しています 開発は前途多難ではありますが開発自体を楽しんじゃう大人たちの楽しい物語 //

恭喜 Mini-Z 飄移遙控車改裝計劃 MRD 集資成功


rcMart 在得悉 Ishikawa Hiroyoshi 先生進行開發 2WD Mini-Z 的飄移遙控車改裝計劃時,rcMart 便已略盡綿力以課金支持,希望能成功推動其計劃實行。

在此 rcMart 亦恭喜 MRD Prototype 兩驅飄移改裝套件集資成功!相信不久便能收到實物,再次為 Mini-Z 立下一個新的里程碑!

About MRD 2WD Drift Conversion Kit

This is MZ Formula MRD Prototype Conversion Kit For Kyosho Mini-Z AWD. The mainstream of drifting with normal size RC cars (1/10 scale is the mainstream) nowadays is drifting with rear-wheel drive vehicles (hereafter 2WD) that maintain a drifting posture with full-counter steering at slow speeds. Drifting with full-counter steering at slow speeds is not possible with AWD. Mr. Hiroyoshi Ishikawa, the designer of the MINI-Z AWD and president of enjoy smile Co. inc. wanted to realize the needs of users who want to enjoy full-counter drifting at slow speeds with the MINI-Z. He redesigned the MINI-Z AWD and made it into a 2WD Drift radio-controlled car "MRD Prototype" was completed. The completed prototype is now capable of full-counter steering drift driving at low speeds, which is not possible with the existing MINI-Z AWD.We named this wonderful prototype the "MRD Prototype".MRD stands for "Micro-size RWD Drift car".We started the HRD project with the hope of creating this product together with many users.

The "MRD Prototype" is newly designed with approximately 60% of its body parts to achieve a front wheel steering angle of nearly 90 degrees (25 degrees for the MINI-Z AWD), which is an essential mechanism for low-speed 2WD drift driving. This newly designed 2WD drift RC car platform is equipped with the MINI-Z AWD servo mechanism, receiver board, rear suspension unit, and other parts included in the MINI-Z AWD Readyset to achieve 2WD drift specifications.

The decision was made to offer the kit as an "MRD Prototype Conversion Kit" with newly developed parts. The reason for this is that we wanted users to experience the development process of "build, run, and improve" based on the project's concept of "creating a radio-controlled car from a prototype with the user. In addition, we thought that the conversion kit would be less expensive than a full kit, making it easier for people to participate in the project.

We wanted to create the prototype "MRD Prototype" in Japan with many users around the world. We decided to raise funds through crowdfunding to pay for the molds to produce the parts to offer the "MRD Prototype Conversion Kit" and to provide the prototype to users. Although it is now possible to produce a small number of parts using a 3D printer, we have concluded that the production of resin parts using a mold is essential to enable many people to continuously experience high-quality products. The molds we will produce this time are not the end of the MRD Prototype Conversion Kit, but a step toward the development of new parts and the creation of a completely original small R/C car as "MRD" with our customers.

MRD 2WD Drift Conversion Kit in Action


【MRD】MRD 2WD Drift Conversion Kit for Kyosho MR-03 AWD RC Car @ Beijing Hobby Expo 2024

MRD Under Development

Mr Ishigawa wants to drift with Kyosho MINI-Z, a small high-performance radio-controlled car! AWD drifting is possible, but can't we do the 2WD drifting that's so popular on Mini-Z? That's why they are developing the MINI-Z Drift Conversion Kit! This is a fun story of a group of adults who enjoy the development process, despite the challenges ahead!

MRD MINI-Z 2WD Drift Conversion Kit #1 - First Run

MRD MINI-Z 2WD Drift Conversion Kit #2 - Tune it to run well!

【MRD Prototype】Explanation Video

【MRD Prototype】2WD Drift Conversion Kit For MINI-Z AWD Explanation Video

【MRD】 2WD Drift Conversion Kit for MINI-Z AWD, AWD Disassembly Episode

【MRD】2WD Drift Conversion Kit for MINI-Z AWD Assembly Episode

關於 Enjoy Smile Co

日本 Enjoy Smile Co 公司負責人 Ishikawa Hiroyoshi 先生曾在日本京商 Kyosho 工作多年,且他亦是遙控車界無人不曉的 Mini-Z 系列的設計師。Ishikawa Hiroyoshi 先生在離開了 Kyosho 後自行創業,並成立了 Enjoy smile Co.公司,繼續以Mini-Z迷你遙控車產品為藍本,去開發與 Mini-Z相關的產品。雖然開發過程很艱難,但 Ishikawa 先生認為這是一個關於享受過程本身的成年人的有趣故事。讓我們與朋友一起微笑,實現我們的夢想!

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