Atomic | BZ5 1/28 Belt Drive 4WD Competition Chassis

Atomic has finally released its long-awaited new BZ5 1/28 Belt Drive 4WD Competition Chassis!

The new BZ5 gets all-new bulkheads and motor mount, longer front Arms and new knuckles which give increased stability as well as more mid-corner steering.

New Features of BZ5

– All New bulkheads and motor mount

– Longer front Arms and new knuckles: Increasing stability also more mid corner steering.

– New single steering crank with servo saver and steering travel limiter.

– Ball-head type rear suspension system; wobble and slop is significantly reduced.

– come with brass chassis with ability to add side wings (optional parts) to reduce the chance of traction roll and add stability when running in large flow high speed tracks. (aluminium chassis will be available as optional)

– New low CG rear body post system: more rear grip and act as a barrier to prevent lexan bodies catching the rear wheels when other car hitting you from behind.

– “No-Shock-Towers design” no more breaking of shock towers and further lower the center of gravity. And the shock damper angles can be adjusted by shims precisely.

– Servo mount is compatible with slim or normal size servo (8.0mm to 11.5mm thick)

– Sway bar system (with bearing support) will be available in options

– Front caster angle adjustable (with optional front bulkhead carbon plates)

– Compatible with Kyosho auto scales body (98mm wheelbase)

– Front width is 74mm with Narrow Wheels (N-8.5mm 0 offset)

– Rear width is 74mm with Wide Wheels (W-11mm 0 offset)

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