All Japan E-Drift Championship 2023

由日本 全日本RCドリフト競技委員会 主辦的飄移遙控車年度大型賽事。2023 年賽事定於 11月18-19日 於 Centrair Airport Centrair Hall 舉行!賽事吸引了超過一百位來自日本及海外頂尖飄移遙控車選手參與及角逐,是一場非常精彩的遙控車賽事。賽事旨在展示電動遙控飄移車的性能和選手個人技術,同時突顯RC飄移運動的魅力和技巧。選手們會在賽道上進行高速漂移、技術動作和精確控制,以爭取評委和觀眾的青睞。

R.C.D.C 會長的話|All Japan E-Drift Championship 2023

All Japan R/C Drifting Competition Committee
Chairman Mr. Ito

賽事成功地結束了。今年的賽事充滿亮點,這可能是首次由 G4 四家製造商的王牌車手均有亮相。感謝四位王牌車手讓比賽場地取得了巨大的成功。今年,不少觀眾來到現場觀看遙控車飄移實力對戰,首日直播吸引了許多關注,觀看次數超過16,000人次。
廠家攤位前總是人潮洶湧,展位區熱鬧非凡。最終的參賽人數為 154 名,我們創建了一個系統,可以將 Single Run 實時成績和 追走錦標賽即時上傳到主頁,使其更加真實。另外,今年為了更加關注選手,我們引入了 Best32 和G4的選手介紹環節,受到了好評,所以下次我們想把Taisuke也包括進來。
你有沒有發現,燈光和音響更震撼,直播中還出現了選手的名字? 我想做的事情還有很多,但我要感謝每位管理人員能夠完成我們一年多來準備的一切。 再次感謝所有27家贊助商和參賽者,以及所有參加地區預選賽的人。
It was a successful closing.

This year's event will be full of spectacles, and it probably won't be the first time that four-maker ace drivers will meet, especially in G4. Those 4 ace drivers turned the venue up big, thank you.  This year, many visitors came to the Central Hall to watch the live and powerful battles and attracted a lot of attention on the first day of live broadcasts with more than 106,000 views.

Even the maker booth has become a lively booth area with a lot of customers always there. There were 154 final entries, making it more theater-like by creating a system for uploading single-run results and chasing tournaments on the instant website.  In an attempt to focus more on the players from this year, the Best32 and G4 players were introduced, and they were very popular, so I want to put them in Taiske next time.

Did you notice that the lighting and sound were even more powerful, and the players' names were included in the live broadcast?  I still have a lot of things I want to do, but it's thanks to all the management staff that I managed to manage everything that I spent a year preparing, thank you.

Thank you to all the sponsors and athletes from 27 companies, as well as those who participated in the district qualifiers this year.

賽事第二天|All Japan E-Drift Championship 2023

從地區預選賽開始,全日本錦標賽終於在2023年11月18日至19日舉行。 在進入第一天的排位賽之前,參賽運動員將能夠透過 12 分鐘的練習駕駛來掌握賽道。第二天,將要求參賽者進一步加深對篩選標準的理解,並具備做出調整的能力。 晉級的前32名選手之間的追逐戰可謂是一場驚心動魄的戰鬥,日本車手的頂級飄移技術隨處可見!

Starting with the regional qualifiers, the All-Japan Championship was finally held on November 18, 19. Participants will fill the course with a 12-minute practice run and advance to qualifying for Day 1. Day 2 deepening understanding of the gun standards and the strength to adjust. The pursuit of the best 32 players who won among them was a spectacular battle where Japan's top-class skills were spread everywhere.

This is the final result of all 153 people. 

賽事完成! 睇睇成績表排名啦

賽事第一天|All Japan E-Drift Championship 2023

2023.11.18 (星期六)。賽事一早進行,現場非常熱鬧,咁多部飄移遙控車放埋一齊好壯觀。


全日本RCドリフト競技委員会 的會員以工作人員好認真咁預備呢場大型飄移遙控車比賽。獎盃預備、飄移輪胎檢查、賽道鋪設、音響、攝錄儀呵設置...... 全部都一絲不苟,辛苦哂一班的籌委會員及工作人員喇!