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GSI Mr Hobby Mr. Color Lacquer No.61 Burnt Iron

Mr. Color Lacquer No.61 Burnt Iron
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Mr. Color Lacquer No.61 Burnt Iron
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Mr. Color is a standard model paint that has been highly evaluated by modelers all over the world for many years.

With a wide variety of colors, it can be used for painting many model genres such as characters and scales (tanks, airplanes, ships).

When painting with Mr. color, it is necessary to dilute it with a dilute solution for Mr. color as appropriate. The thin liquid for Mr. color can also be used for cleaning brushes and airbrushes using Mr. color.

When painting Mr. color with a brush, it is recommended to apply one or two layers. Basically, it is not necessary to dilute with thinner when applying with a brush, but if it is difficult to apply, add thinner as appropriate according to the viscosity of the paint.

When using an airbrush, apply a thin layer in two or three steps. When applying with an airbrush, dilute the paint with a ratio of paint 1: thinner solution 1 to 2 according to the viscosity of the paint.

The glossiness of Mr. color can be adjusted by the C30 flat base. For a semi-gloss finish, mix 5-10% of the paint with a flat base.

Also, if you mix 10 to 20% of the paint with a flat base, you will get a matte finish. By adjusting the proportion of flat base, you can adjust to various glossiness.

* When painting on ABS resin parts, the paint may penetrate the resin, making the parts brittle and cracking. Carefully check the assembly instructions and the parts runner display, and avoid painting "ABS resin parts".


  • 1 bottle of 10ml Lacquer paint

BrandGSI Mr Hobby
Surface FinishMetallic

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