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GSI Mr Hobby Mr. Color Lacquer GX114 Super Smooth Clear Flat

Mr. Color Lacquer GX114 Super Smooth Clear Flat
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Mr. Color Lacquer GX114 Super Smooth Clear Flat
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Super Smooth Clear flat is a new lacquer-based flat clear paint developed with the concept of "smoothing the flat clear coating film!". By blending "fluorine", it is possible to form a smooth coating film compared to conventional flat paints. In addition, compared to the conventional product (C182), the particles of the flat additive are smaller, so the surface to be coated is coated without gaps, so a moist coating film can be obtained and the feeling of white blur is reduced. If you spray it on the molded color state, it will create a texture as if it was completely painted.

In addition, when the coating film becomes smooth, it also reduces the friction between the coating films. Therefore the coating can reduce scratches on parts when posing the kit and you may also paint the parts to smooth the movement if the parts rub against each other.

For the final finish of painting your important work, please try this high-grade flat clear never seen before.


  • 1 bottle of 18ml Lacquer paint

BrandGSI Mr Hobby
Surface FinishFlat

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