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Coupon Terms & Conditions

  • Please read the the terms below about redemption and expiration
  • All products associated with Coupon and Codes items must be added to cart
  • Each coupon is one-time use
  • Only one (1) promo code may be redeemed per user account/per household/ per promotion
  • Promo codes may require a minimum dollar value purchase
  • Promo code value applies only to the product price and does not apply to shipping, taxes or fees
  • Some promo codes are not valid on product(s) in pre-order status at the time of order
  • Promo codes cannot be used in combination with other coupons, shipping specials or other promo codes
  • Promo codes must be reentered at checkout. Promo codes can not be applied after order is submitted
  • Promo code values will not be replaced if your order is canceled by you or refunded
  • Promo codes have no cash value and may not be redeemed for cash
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  • Any promotions/offers from our international store are not transferable to
  • rcMart Limited reserves the right, to modify the terms and conditions for use of the promo codes, or to suspend or cancel the promo code
  • Code may expire on this specified expiration date, at any time (GMP) - regardless of the physical time zone/ location of the code holder. (GMT) We strongly suggest using you rcode PRIOR to the expiration date.
  • Offers are valid for a limited time only and are not retroactive.
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