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Bandai 1/144 RG Chars Z Gok

1/144 RG Chars Z Gok
1/144 RG Chars Z Gok
1/144 RG Chars Z Gok
1/144 RG Chars Z Gok
1/144 RG Chars Z Gok
1/144 RG Chars Z Gok
1/144 RG Chars Z Gok
  • Brand: Bandai
  • Model: 5061601
  • SKU: 00120350
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The 16th RG series is an amphibious MS "Char''s Z''Gok". Pursuing a streamlined body to minimize water resistance and move at high speed. The new advanced MS joint realizes an internal frame unique to an amphibious mobile suit with the flexibility to cope with high-speed submersion in water and fierce battles on land. Reproduce the "drainage hole" in consideration of submergence and surfacing with a mold. Spherical cockpit designed for water resistance and pressure resistance. The claws on the arm, which is the most distinctive armament, are based on the image of a blade. Reproduce the propeller structure of the legs and backpack that enables movement in all directions underwater.


  • Molded product x 8
  • Realistic decal x 1
  • Assembly manual x 1

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Store AvailabilityYuen Long
Series TitleGundam 0079

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