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Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810838326
Description:This is Plarail Train S-21 Series JR Kyushu Yufuinnomori...
HKD 143.00 HKD 159.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810350019
Description:This is Plarail Train S-53 C57 No.1 SL Yamaguchi...
HKD 152.00 HKD 169.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810177548
Description:This is Plarail Demon Slayer Mugen Train Set...
HKD 377.00 HKD 419.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810164968
Description:This is Plarail Train Best Selection Set...
HKD 359.00 HKD 399.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810174998
Description:This is Plarail Train S-31 E233 Shonan Color Set...
HKD 179.00 HKD 199.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810174929
Description:This is Plarail Train S-23 E353 Kei Azusa...
HKD 179.00 HKD 199.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810178606
Description:This is Plarail Train N700S Basic Set...
HKD 287.00 HKD 319.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810619239
Description:This is Plarail Train Cruise DX Train Suite Shikishima...
HKD 449.00 HKD 499.00
Brand: Plarail Model: 4904810161240
Description:This is Plarail New Master Controller and IR Hayabusa Train Set...
HKD 359.00 HKD 399.00
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Plarail is a long-running series of railroad toys which originated in Japan more than 50 years ago.

Children can connect the rails and add scenery parts in any way they like, then run the trains on the tracks for unlimited hours of play.

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