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Roc Hobby

Brand: Roc Hobby Model: 11241
Description:This is RocHobby 1/12 Type82 Kubelwagen RTR EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio...
HKD 2,100.00 HKD 2,332.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: C1052
Description:This is RocHobby 1/6 1941 MB Scaler Rear Seat Assembly Set...
HKD 115.00 HKD 128.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: C1089
Description:This is RocHobby 1/6 1941 MB Scaler Machine Gun Set...
HKD 263.00 HKD 293.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: C1102
Description:This is RocHobby 1/6 1941 MB Scaler M100 Trailer...
HKD 720.00 HKD 800.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: C1053
Description:This is RocHobby 1/6 1941 MB Scaler Engine Plate Set...
HKD 72.00 HKD 80.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: C1015
Description:This is RocHobby 1941 MB Scaler Pre-Cut Pre-Painted Car Body Assembly...
HKD 975.00 HKD 1,427.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: ROC-C1031
Description:This is RocHobby 1/6 1941 MB Scaler Canvas Top...
HKD 143.00 HKD 159.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: ROC001RS
Description:ROCHOBBY is proud to announce our latest creation, the 1:6 1941 MB Scaler.2 years in the making, the MB Scaler is the result of dedicated research through countless historical photos and documentation. Dedicated to the soldiers who served with this legendary vehicle, the ROCHOBBY MB Scal..
HKD 2,254.00 HKD 2,660.00
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: 11201RTR
Description:This is Roc Hobby 1/12 1941 Willys MB 4WD Offroad RTR EP w/ 2.4GHz Radio. When the Willys MB was first put into service during the 1940s it wasn't the only light off-road vehicle on the battlefield. It wasn't the most ground-breaking design and didn't feature state-of-the-art technology...
HKD 1,520.00 HKD 1,872.00
7.4V 600mAh LiPo Battery
Pickup Only
Brand: Roc Hobby Model: C2024
Description:This is RocHobby 7.4V 600mAh LiPo Battery...
HKD 45.00 HKD 50.00
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Roc Hobby is the manufacturer for 1/18 Katana RTR Car Kit & 1/6 1941 Military MB Scaler RTR Car Kit

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