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Bearings Oil

RC Ball bearings should always be your first upgrades, it reduces friction for less rolling resistance, and that means higher speed and longer the running times. RC Ball bearings hardly require maintenance and last a lot longer than stock Oilite bushings.

Tips for Handling New Ball Bearing:

Most competition RC racers will clean the grease on the new ball bearings and apply ball bearing oil on them. (i.e. Yeah Racing High Speed Bearing Oil / Lube #YA-0215). As re-oiling the ball bearing allows the RC cars to run smoother and makes the bearings more durable.

Tips for Maintaining Old Ball Bearing:

By removing the old bearing oil, it will reduce the friction in the bearing, thus making RC car run faster. Below are some tips in cleaning the ball bearings. For the best performance of your RC Cars, we should clean up the grease on the new ball bearings and apply ball bearing oil on them. 

Here in rcMart, we got a wide selection of bearing oils to suit your maintenance needs.

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