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O.S. Engine

Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1DT01
Description:This is O.S. Engine R21GT II Onroad Engine w/ TB01 EFRA2042 & MB01-70 Combo Set. While inheriting the smooth feel and good fuel efficiency of the previous model OSSPEED R21GT, which was well received in the European market, the home of GT cars, the power feeling in the mid-low speed rang..
HKD 3,288.00 HKD 3,478.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS2C403010
Description:This is O.S. Engine Built Up Parts Set...
HKD 908.00 HKD 935.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1CJ01
Description:This is O.S. Engine B21 Adam Drake Edition 3 Offroad Engine w/TB02 EFRA2089 + MB01-75mm Combo Set.O.S. SPEED B21 Adam Drake Edition 3 is developed in collaboration with O.S. international team driver ADAM DRAKE, who is famous for his deep knowledge and sound technical advice.By adopting ..
HKD 3,300.00 HKD 4,289.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1DR01
Description:This is O.S. Engine R21 EURO II Combo Set w/TR01 EFRA2098 & MR02. This engine inherits the smooth and easy-to-use feeling of the predecessor, O.S. SPEED R21 EURO Spec., And by reviewing the counterbalance of the crankshaft, low and mid end power delivery has been improved. The smooth RPM..
HKD 3,888.00 HKD 4,211.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS22826145
Description:This is O.S. Engine OS Speed Exhaust Seal Ring 21 10 pcs...
HKD 164.00 HKD 182.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1DL01
Description:This is O.S. Engine B21 ONGARO Edition Combo Set w/ TB02 EFRA2089 + MB01-75. Davide Ongaro, IFMAR 1/8 Engine Off-Road World Championshion, has signed with O.S. SPEED since 2021. This time, "O.S. SPEED B21 ONGARO EDITION", which has been modified according to his feeling, was born! Based ..
HKD 3,665.00 HKD 4,601.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1C403
Description:This is O.S. Engine R21 EURO Spec Engine Combo Set w/ T-2080SC + M2001SC. In addition to O.S.SPEED''s proud high-performance series of engines for ON ROAD "R21", another new engine of interest will be added to the lineup. This "O.S. SPEED R21 EURO Spec." Is a high-speed course compatible..
HKD 2,885.00 HKD 3,977.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1DJ00
Description:This is O.S. Engine R21 SHIMO Edition 2 Engine Combo Set w/ TR02 EFRA2165 + MR03-WC. It is a 7-port engine with a new cylinder liner, which has extra holes to reduce overheating. The cooling head and 8.5mm carburetor restrictor are anodized in the special color; champagne gold. The crank..
HKD 3,440.00 HKD 4,368.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1DA01
Description:This is O.S. Engine B2104 Engine Combo Set w/ TB03 T-2100, EFRA2155 + MB-01-80...
HKD 4,050.00 HKD 4,290.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1CY01
Description:This is O.S. Engine MAX-21XR-B Ver.Ⅲ GT Combo Set w/ TB01 EFRA2089 & MB01-75. O.S. Engines have introduced the new Max-21XR-B Ver.3 nitro engine for 1/8th Buggy and GT cars. The powerplant features a reduced piston weight for improved throttle response while the connecting rod is the sam..
HKD 2,495.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1CY02
Description:This is O.S. Engine MAX-21XR-B Ver.Ⅲ GT Combo Set w/ TB01 EFRA2042 & MB01-70. ..
HKD 2,385.00 HKD 2,495.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1CH03
Description:This is the O.S. Speed B21 Ronda Drake Edition with the 2100SC pipe and 75mm manifold competition engine combo.The engine is very PINK and unique to complement her signature colors and style.   It is an excellent choice for both buggy and truck racing as it provides a linear power band, ..
HKD 3,500.00 HKD 4,211.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1CS01
Description:This is O.S. Engine O.S. SPEED T1204 Engine w/ TT01 EFRA2672 T-1070SC L52 + MT03 Manifold Combo Set. O.S. SPEED T1204 is the successor of T1203 which is the World Champion engine in 2018. T1204 has more toque in low-middle range with better performance. Two tungsten weights are embedded ..
HKD 3,430.00 HKD 3,821.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS1D201
Description:This is O.S. Engine O.S. SPEED MAX-12TG Ver.4 Engine w/ TT02 EFRA2690T-1080SC L52 + MT03 Manifold Combo Set. The standard 12TG of the 12-class touring car engine has evolved to Ver.4. The previous model, 12TG Ver.3, has been used as an official engine for major races such as the All Japa..
HKD 2,418.00 HKD 2,651.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS22425003
Description:This is O.S. Engine Connecting Rod Set w/ Clip For B2101 21XZB Spec III...
HKD 274.00 HKD 303.00
Brand: O.S. Engine Model: OS23755024
Description:This is O.S. Engine Connecting Rod Set w/ Clip For R2102 Speed 21XZ-GT...
HKD 274.00 HKD 303.00
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O.S. Engine is one of the world leading companies devoted solely to the manufacture of RC model engines and Live Steam Locomotives. The high standards of skilled craftsmanship that have been developed through the 80 years of O.S. engine production history introduced the world's first model rotary engine, and, more recently, Electronic Fuel Injection system engine ranging from the small displacement .10 engine up to the larger Five cylinder radial four-stroke 3.0 engine. For the production of O.S. engines, modern precision machinery and carefully selected top quality materials are employed to ensure consistent performance and long life. O.S. will always seek "quality and performance" with worldwide users.

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