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Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65707
Description:Hasegawa is really doing a great job on this series of Valkyries. The quality they are so famous for shows from the second you get the box. Cover art by Hidetaka Tenjin which alone is worth the price. This is the VT-1 Trainer variant of the aircraft with armor and FAST packs. This ver..
HKD 191.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65708
Description:This is the VE-1 "Elintseeker" (Electronic Intelligence) variant of the aircraft with armor, FAST packs and bristling with electronic gear used for tracking, intelligence gathering and jamming. Crisp detail thoughout. Panel lines are finely engraved. Swing wings operate. Exhausts can..
HKD 191.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21737
Description:Wearing the image color of Gauloises YamahaReproduce the limited edition car!The cowl parts is molded in blue. The cowl can also be remove to show the engine and details. The inside of the headlight and the mirror surface are plated parts...
HKD 287.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 52295
Description:Miyuki's full tuned GSX-R750! A kit of police motorcycles from the Sumitomo Police Station.A kit of GSX-R750 police motorcycle specifications that appears in the manga "You're Under Arrest". Set the charm point one-eyed speaker, warning light, etc. with new mold parts. Based on t..
HKD 319.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21512
Description:A tandem twin inherited from the invincible WGP machine!The Kawasaki KR250 is Kawasaki's first two-stroke racer replica released in 1984. Inheriting the mechanism and name from the invincible WGP racer "KR250" from the late 1970s to the early 1980s. A water-cooled 2-stroke tande..
HKD 287.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 54004
Description:With both a grabber/digger and a snipper arm, the Astaco Neo is one of the more versatile construction tools ever designed. This kit features a finely detailed cockpit interior, mesh sheet for the cockpit front screen, soft tracks and cables, posed operator figure, moveable arms..
HKD 252.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 20514
Description:Reproduce the silver body, AXIA color GT-R!The body parts color is silver.The inside of the light, the mirror surface, and the wheel are plated parts.Comes with a separate paint sticker for the window.The kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent parts for w..
HKD 252.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65863
Description:"Do you remember love?" Minmay of the stage dress is three-dimensional with 1/24 scale Lynn Minmay (resin figure) VF-1J (Tamago Hikoki) set.Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura is in charge of the prototype of the resin figure.The package illustration is with Haruhiko Mikimoto's Minmay.VF-1S Strike dra..
HKD 243.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21140
Description:Inheriting the soul of the legendary famous car "2000GT"70 Supra 3.0 GT Turbo LimitedThe first "Supra" that appeared in 1986 as a successor model to the "Celica XX".The catch phrase was "Toyota 3000 GT".A long nose and short deck with retractable headlightsIt is still very popular with i..
HKD 229.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21725
Description:Reproduce the 1987 model with new parts added!The body part color is white.Additional plastic partsRear wheel, front fender, brake disc, steering damperTires (rubber), etc.This is a model kit needs assemble and paint.Paint and glue are not included and need to purchase separately...
HKD 257.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21501
Description:From the World Grand Prix 250CC class that ended in 2009, the Honda RS250RW of the Japanese rider "Hiroshi Aoyama" who became the 2009 world champion and made a name for himself in history is now available as a kit!Accurately reproduce the form based on the actual vehicle coverage. It is..
HKD 272.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65782
The Black Aces, a veteran squadron in the Macross universe, are equipped with the VF-1J Super/Strike Valkyrie. This amazing piece of machinery allows them to accomplish their mission with great speed and accuracy. The parts in this kit are very well molded, and once the painting is done and the deca..
HKD 246.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21731
This is the 1/12 scale kit of the Kawasaki 500-SS Mach III model kit.New parts have been added to recreate the 1970 H1 '70 Late Version. The shape of the engine cover and the tread pattern of the front tires are accurately reproduced. The tank parts are molded in red, and the mirrors are silver-plat..
HKD 277.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21505
Suzuki GT380 isa masterpiece medium-sized road sport released in 1972.Equipped with an air-cooled 2-stroke in-line 3-cylinder engineEquipped with 4 mufflers on a fearless bodyIt is still a popular machine due to its solid design.In the kit, the front brake is from the drum brakeModeled the "GT380 B"..
HKD 261.77 HKD 262.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 02366
With the assumed painting and marking of the Air Self-Defense Force ADTWBeast mode with armament on the underside of the main wing is now available as a kit!A set of Pylon, laser-guided bomb, and air-to-air missile AIM-9X sidewinder parts.A display stand is also included...
HKD 273.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 07245
The F-22 Raptor is an air superiority fighter of the United States Air Force, as a successor to the F-15C Eagle.The aircraft developed based on the Advanced Tactical Fighter Plan,Same as F-35, Su-47 Berkto experimental machine, etc.It is a 5th generation jet fighter.The feature of this machine is th..
HKD 424.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65653
Description:This is a big scale 1/48 scale Strike / Super Valkyrie kit from Macrosss by Hasegawa. Fast pack has added more details from 1/72 Dense sculpture. Hasegawa adopted a design that can firmly fix the upper booster. The head is a selectable type of VF-1S type or VF-1A type.The cockpit ..
HKD 406.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21134
Lancer EX turbo that appeared in 1981 as an additional model of the second generation Lancer.A minor change was made in 1983, and the front grill was changed.It has been upgraded to an air-cooled intercooler turbo and has become very popular.The concept of mounting a powerful engine on a compact 4-d..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21133
Description: Highest grade "SSS ATTESA Limited" equipped with 175PS DOHC turbo The 8th generation Bluebird (U12 type) that appeared in 1987. A new center differential full-time 4WD system called "ATTESA" has been adopted. The highest grade "SSS ATTESA Limited" is equipped with a 175PS DOHC turbo and..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21132
Description: The 3rd generation Starlet "EP71" became an FF car after a full model change in 1984. It gained popularity as a new-generation compact car that allows you to enjoy sporty and nimble driving. In 1986, a turbo model was added for more exciting driving. The kit is the turbo S late model (1..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21130
Description: In 1973, the "2000GSR", which appeared as the top model of the GTO in place of the "MR", was introduced. Hasegawa add a lot of new parts and make it into a kit. Body is molded in white The bumper, the inside of the light, the mirror surface of the mirror, and the doorknob are plated. Ad..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21129
Description: Nissan Skyline R31 type, commonly known as 7th (Seventh) Skyline. Debuted in 1985. The GTS-R, which was given the highest performance among the R31 types. To participate in JTC Group A for commercial vehicles. This machine was produced in 1987 with a limited number of 800 units. The kit..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21128
Description: The Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO is part of the Colt Galant series. Introduced in 1970 as a sports model. Body based on "Dyna wedge line (wedge type)". "Duck tail" with a shape that the tail jumps up, etc. Advanced styling that was conscious of American muscle cars became a hot topic. The..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21125
Description: In 1972, the first Civic SB-1 was a breakthrough It made its debut as an FF hatchback and became a huge hit worldwide. In 1974, the sports model "1200RS" appeared. Equipped with a high-power engine and 5-speed MT. The tires are equipped with wide radial tires to improve driving performa..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21122
Description: The "JA11-5 type" released in 1995 is Jimny's second and third generation (1990-1995) This is the last type of "JA11 type". With its angular form and powerful performance of 660cc. It is still a popular model nowadays. The kit is based on actual vehicle coverage the stylish form of "Ban..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21117
Description:In November 1969, on behalf of the open-body Fairlady, Long nose and short deck closed bodyThe first Fairlady Z was born in a bold coupe style.In Japan, two types of engines, L20 type and S20 type. In America the car release in Datsun Sports brand, 240Z with 2.4, 2.6 liter straight 6 eng..
HKD 186.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21101
In the history of Japanese automobilesIt was the debut of the Toyota 2000GT, which is too famous as one of the white eyebrows.A sleek body, Toyota's first DOHC engine for passenger cars, a rosewood-covered meter panel,In collaboration with development partner Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd., such as mahogany..
HKD 186.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21137
Reproduce the machine that participated in JTC in 1989 by adding new mold parts for race specifications!The body part color is white.Additional plastic parts:Suspension for racingExhaust pipeRoll cageSheetDashboarddoor mirrorwheelDecal 1989 All Japan Touring Car Championship Round 6 (Final Round) In..
HKD 252.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 52271
The 12th 1/12 Egg Girls CollectionThree-dimensional Hazumi in high school girl!Mr. Taro Mochikomi is in charge of prototype production.The package illustration and figure design are drawn by Mr. Takashi Fujisawa.Decal (marking)Eye decalThis is a model kit needs assemble and paint.Paint and glue are ..
HKD 364.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 20469
This is a 1/24 scale photo-etched parts set for upgrading the 1/24 Mitsubishi Lancer EX Turbo For Rally. This is made to fit the dimension of the Hasegawa Mitsubishi Lancer EX Turbo rally version. Make sure you have purchase the right upgarde parts for your model car kit...
HKD 149.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21138
The Mitsubishi Lancer EX2000 Turbo as it appeared racing in the 1982 1000 Lakes Rally, comes an release in the Hasegawa's Historic Car Series.Rear Garnish, Wheels, Rally Lights, Front Seats, Roll Cage, Exhaust, Brake discs, Mud guard, Radio antenna, Front bumper, Front grille, Fender, Left-hand driv..
HKD 252.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21139
The Skyline had been through many phases, but it was in 1989 that the real precursor to the GT-R of today was introduced. The R32 Skyline had all-wheel drive and the famed Nissan RB26DETT inline six that pumped out 280 horsepower. It still wasn't sold in America, but the JDM (Japanese Domestic Marke..
HKD 238.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 52173
Hasegawa's Egg plane series collaborate with the new "Egg Girls Collection" featuring both an Egg Plane and a figure kit. The J-15 Egg Plane is non-scale, while the resin kit of Haku Rinfua is about 1/20 scale, and will be about 8cm tall when completed...
HKD 216.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65714
Hasegawa's Macross series comes the highly popular VF-1S Strike Battroid to its lineup. Highly detailed and fully poseable with polycap joints, you can posed it when display it. Includes water-slide decals with markings for Roy Focker's yellow version or Ichijo Hikaru's red one. Lots of super detail..
HKD 216.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65715
Hasegawa's plastic kit of the VF-0S "Macross Zero" is a reproduction of Roy Fokker's fighter from the series, "Macross Zero". Exquisite detail inside and out is enhanced by a sheet of crisp decals. Clear canopy parts and a pilot figure are included to perfect the completed kit. The instructions very..
HKD 216.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65862
This kit of Reina Prowler's VF-31E Siegfried from "Macross Delta the Movie" is molded in green, and features decals for its distinctive markings. Also included is an embroidered patch featuring an illustration by Nao Higashiyama, about 9cm in diameter...
HKD 354.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 66004
The Wheel Loader ZW100-6 from Hitachi Construction Machinery is a major player in construction, agriculture, the livestock industry, forestry, snow removal and more. Hasegawa's new kit of this powerhouse is a completely new mold based on close inspection of the actual machine, and features a vertica..
HKD 262.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 52161
This kit is molded in orange, gray, clear and black plastic, and includes cord for the cabling, a piece of mesh screen, flexible vinyl tracks, and decals. 188 parts. It is 1/35 and is the scale of usually military tank and soldier figures.The kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent parts ..
HKD 277.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 20473
This is Hasegawa's highly detailed 1/24 scale plastic model kit of the Toyota Starlet EP71 Turbo S (3 Doors) Late Version (Super Limited). This kit contains parts for one model, a decal sheet, and a bilingual instruction manual available in English and Japanese. The total length of the model is appr..
HKD 277.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 21136
This kit is an entirely new mold from Hasegawa, based on thorough research on actual vehicles. The fifh-generation Toyota Levin was fully remodeled in 1987, and its stylish appearance and affordable price made it a big hit among young people at the time. It was the most popular model of the Levin by..
HKD 246.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 20470
This Nissan Bluebird SSS-R comes in the specifications for the 1988 All Japan Rally, and includes water slide decals to recreate the livery of the Calsonic number 31 car.The kit is molded in white and grey.This kit comes with realistic rubber tires, transparent parts for windows and lights shields, ..
HKD 262.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65847
Hasegawa's Eggplane kit line up releases the VF-1J Valkyrie from "Macross" with a figure of the legendary Lynn Minmay in her Chinese restaurant waitress dress...
HKD 246.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 29107
Display your 1/24 muscle car or Limo with these two Hollywood celebrity-style figures should be a good idea to give some touch up. The sunglasses can be removed or attached as you wish.This is a model kit needs assemble and paint.Paint and glue are not included and need to purchase seperately...
HKD 69.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 29104
Hasegawa release a double-figure set staring fashion models. Created by top sculptor Satoshi Tsujimura, these high quality figures are great for display on their own, or with your 1/24 scale model cars. They are about 73mm tall when assembled..
HKD 69.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 29102
These two young ladies with clothing styles of early 1990s, inspired by legendary Japanese entertainer Namie Amuro. One of them posed hold the iconic communication product of the 90's - a pager or a Nokia cell phone. Decals are included for the patterns on the plaid skirt and striped top, as well as..
HKD 69.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 29108
These two modestly dressed young ladies from the '80s are ready to pose together with your 1980s car models. Their feathered hairstyles and earnest expressions are highly detailed. Each will be approximately 7cm tall when completed...
HKD 69.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 29106
Dressed in the most stylish 1970s clothing, these two unpainted resin figures from Hasegawa are ready to be painted and posed together with your 1/24-scale car models...
HKD 69.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 20338
Hasegawa 20338 1/24 Volkswagen Beetle Type 1 Mooneyes Scale Model Car..
HKD 261.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 60123
Hasegawa 60123 EGG Plane TH13 T-4 Blue Impulse Scale Model..
HKD 55.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 60118
Hasegawa 60118 EGG Plane TH08 Zero Fighter..
HKD 55.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 60510
Hasegawa 60510 EGG Plane F-2 J.A.S.D.F. 60th Anniversary 2 Kits in the boxEstimated No. of parts: 17 x 2Category :  EggplaneMarkings 1) F-2A: J.A.S.D.F. 3rd AW J.A.S.D.F. 60th anniv. marking Code: 509 (03-8509) September, 2014 Misawa A.B. 2) F-2B: J.A.S.D.F. 8th AW J.A.S.D.F. 60th anniv. marking Cod..
HKD 165.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 60508
Estimated No. of parts : 21 x 2 Category: Eggplane SeriesMarkings 1) J.A.S.D.F. 2nd AW 201st SQ J.A.S.D.F. 60 years anniv. special marking Code: 943/32-8943 Chitose A.B. July 2014 2) J.A.S.D.F. 6th AW 306th SQ J.A.S.D.F. 60 years anniv. special marking Code: 960/72-8960 Komatsu A.B. July 2014..
HKD 165.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 60505
Hasegawa 60505 EGG Plane ANA Boeing B747-400D..
HKD 83.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 52122
Hasegawa 52122 1/72  SU-47 Ace Combat Berkut Grabacr..
HKD 357.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 01565
1/72 SU-33 Flanker D (Russian Navy Carrier-Borne Fighter)..
HKD 247.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 02118
Hasegawa 02118 1/72 Mikoyan-29 Fulcrum Ukrainian Air Force..
HKD 206.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65724
Hasegawa 65724 1/72 Macross Frontier VF-25F/S..
HKD 220.00
Brand: Hasegawa Model: 65795
Hasegawa 65795 1/72 Macross The Ride VF-11D Thunder Focus..
HKD 275.00
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