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【香港客戶優惠】由即日起於門市或香港網店消費滿 HK$100,即送你 rcMart 2022 虎年精美利是封一包 (十個),數量有限,送完即止!詳情


Brand: Bandai Model: 5062024
Description:The Gunpla x Game project "Gunpla Breaker Battlelogue" launches to the world in summer of 2021! The project includes releases of kits of machines that will appear in the limited 2021 Autumn series, "Gunpla Breaker Battlelogue." Just like in the game, these HG kits are customizable!..
HKD 141.00 HKD 157.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61287
Description:"NXEDGE STYLE [DIGIMON UNIT] Omegamon" is now available as a special specification -Special Color Ver.- with improved texture!Omegamon is now available with special specifications that change the coloring expression depending on the parts and increase the sense of density! Includ..
HKD 302.00 HKD 336.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 63009
Description:"NXEDGE STYLE [DIGIMON UNIT] Dukemon" is now available as a special specification -Special Color Ver.- with improved texture!Introducing Gallantmon with special specifications that change the coloring expression depending on the parts and increase the sense of density! A huge Holy..
HKD 302.00 HKD 336.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 63008
Description:"NXEDGE STYLE [DIGIMON UNIT] Alphamon Alphamon" is now available as a special specification -Special Color Ver.- with improved texture!Alphamon is now available with special specifications that change the coloring expression depending on the parts and increase the sense of density..
HKD 302.00 HKD 336.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61896
Description:The latest design of Billbine, which uses abundant die-cast parts and has a strong movable and deformable gimmick and a sense of weight, is now available in the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS!The image in the play is completely reproduced with new modeling using die-cast parts. The definiti..
HKD 1,130.00 HKD 1,256.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5058925
Description:Bandai brings us their RG All-Purpose Humanoid Decisive Battle Weapon Artificial Human Evangelion Unit 01 from "Rebuild of Evangelion!" It's the first Eva to be available in Bandai's RG series; pursuing the faithful replication of acute details included in the original. The abdomen, c..
HKD 331.00 HKD 368.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5058204
Description:From Bandai comes a "Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash" kit of a 1/144 scale HG Penelope! The complicated structure of Penelope has been recreated in this kit, using not only highly detailed parts but also utilizing clear parts in addition to solid parts. The shape and volume of th..
HKD 468.00 HKD 521.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61714
Description:In collaboration with Marvel's new "Tech-On Avengers" comics, this new S.H.Figuarts action figure of Marvel's Iron Man was designed by Eiichi Shimuzu, a manga artist who has created numerous heroes! This suit emphasizes a mechanical appearance, with die-cast legs and metallic paint. A..
HKD 728.00 HKD 809.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61382
Description:Elsha Lean from the new anime "Back Arrow" gets a new S.H.Figuarts release from Bandai! She's fully posable for maximum action, and comes with a total of three interchangeable facial expressions. She also has an interchangeable hand holding a Bind Whopper, and another one holding a gu..
HKD 431.00 HKD 479.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 62094
Description:"Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Squadron" depicting frontline soldiers has started! The flagship MS of the 08th Squadron, which survived the harsh Southeast Asian front, is now available at ver. A.N.I.M.E.!Land warfare aircraft deployed in the 04, 06, and 08 battalions of the Far Eas..
HKD 470.00 HKD 522.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61446
Description:"New Mobile Report Gundam W" The leading aircraft Wing Gundam Zero appears in the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS.Wing Gundam Zero appears from the METAL ROBOT SPIRITS. Sharp modeling, precise painting expression, and heavy die-cast parts are used for a high-class finish. Furthermore, it is ..
HKD 1,154.00 HKD 1,282.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5059030
Description:Bandai brings even more goodies to the world of Gunpla with the addition of a new series of Gundam accessories called Builders Parts. This particular set is System Base 001, a great base to hold your 1/144 scale Gundam kits. The base is adjustable so it can accommodate wider kits and ..
HKD 61.00 HKD 68.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5057721
Description:From "Gundam Build Fighters Try," it's the mighty Kamiki Burning Gundam! It's molded in vivid red, white, black, dark blue, clear blue, yellow and clear orange plastic, so painting is not necessary (although painting will improve the appearance of just about any kit). Comes with fl..
HKD 122.00 HKD 136.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5063050
Description:The High Mobility Type Zaku Pyscho Zaku gets Hajime Katoki's loving touch in this amazing kit! The cockpit hatch can be opened, and it's armed with the Beam Bazooka, three Giant Bazooka, two Zaku Machine Guns, two Heat Hawks, and three Sturm Fausts, and more...
HKD 611.00 HKD 679.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61381
Description:Back Arrow from the anime of the same name gets a new S.H.Figuarts release from Bandai! He's fully posable for maximum action, and he has three interchangeable facial expressions, plus a hand holding a Bind Whopper and an arm with the Bind Whopper wrapped around it...
HKD 386.00 HKD 429.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61387
Description:The Briheight Muga from "Back Arrow" gets a Robot Damashii figure from Bandai! The crystal part of its body is made with clear parts, and it's fully capable of any of the acrobatic poses seen in the show! It comes with effect parts...
HKD 379.00 HKD 421.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61388
Description:The Briheight Gigan from "Back Arrow" gets a new Robot Damashii figure from Bandai! The green crystal part of its body is made with clear parts, and its massive weapon is included too. It's crazy posable for maximum action...
HKD 533.00 HKD 593.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5061788
Description:The powerfully built Gundam Virtue, piloted by Tieria Erde in "Mobile Suit Gundam 00," gets a spectacular new Master Grade model kit from Bandai!The Virtue's external armor can be detached to reveal the Gundam Nadleeh within! The lining parts create a sense of density; each part h..
HKD 580.00 HKD 645.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 5056767
Description:The Gundam Dynames from "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" joins the MG lineup!The GN sniper rifle includes a special stand that allows the Dynames to take aim from a lying position like a real sniper. Thanks to a special head gimmick and leg joint structure, you can realistically reproduce..
HKD 305.00 HKD 339.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61880
Description:The anime "Getter Robo Arc" debuted in July of 2021. Now, Getter Robo Arc joins Soul of Chogokin! The figure features independently posable back-spikes, and can replicate the Thunder Bomber technique!..
HKD 1,342.00 HKD 1,492.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 61886
Description:Big Tony from the new anime "Sakugan" joins the Robot Damshii action figure lineup from Bandai! It's fully posable to duplicate its heavy machinery-style movement; it's intended for long-distance travel so it has a huge backpack unit on its back. The double-seat cockpit can be opened ..
HKD 340.00 HKD 378.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 62117
Description:A powered-up, new colored reissue of the SIDE EVA series EVANGELION TEST TYPE-01 figure, capturing its new appearance in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time! Re-create your favorite scenes from the film!..
HKD 473.00 HKD 527.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 55691
Description:Obanai Iguro from "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" returns to Bandai's Figuarts Mini lineup! He's a compact 9cm tall and super-cute, with dramatic painted eyes for an extra lively appearance, as well as interchangeable arm parts. He's posable at neck, shoulders and legs, too, and a ba..
HKD 455.00 HKD 506.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 216746
Description:Reality and weight feeling by different materials, supple wing movements, amazing movable wing Gundam Zero is converted to high resolution (high resolution).Abundant movable gimmicks are provided for each part, enabling reproduction of an impressive scene in the play. The distincti..
HKD 845.00 HKD 940.00
Brand: Bandai Model: 60895
Description:Translucent effect parts make for a dynamic three-dimensional rendition of Giyu Tomioka's Water Breathing. Includes faithful details such as realistically patterned clothing and inscriptions on the sword...
HKD 546.00 HKD 607.00
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Bandai is a Japanese toy maker and a producer of many plastic model kits. It is Japan's largest toy maker and the world's fourth-largest toy maker as of 2018 after The Lego Group, Mattel and Hasbro. Some ex-Bandai group companies produce anime and tokusatsu programs. Gundam Gunpla can be classified by Real Grade (RG), High Grade (HG), Advance Grade (AG), Master Grade (MG), Perfect Grade (PG)

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